Ad hoc is a Latin phrase that literally means "for this", made or happening for a particular purpose or need. It refers to a special solution developed for a specific purpose.

Ad Hoc Travel is a Travel and Tourism company. As the name implies, we specialize in organizing Tailor-made trips, based on the specific request of each client. We are able to respond efficiently and effectively to every request providing a friendly and highly personalized attention at all times.

The dynamism that characterizes the Tourism -our business-, the speed of the information and the constant fluctuation of supply and demand, create a context in which our most important asset is the professionalism of our work team.

In Ad Hoc Travel we are constantly looking to expand our knowledge participating in training courses, seminars and workshops, which allow us to provide detailed, accurate and precise information. We offer the best advice, the highest quality service and the most competitive rates, remaining at your entire disposal for everything you may need.

Our customers, the travelers, are the real protagonists of our business. Ad Hoc Travel has been created to fit their needs, always considering their tastes, interests and preferences, satisfying and exceeding their expectations.

Our main goal is to make your trip a unique and unforgettable memory.

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